Local researcher studies obesity paradox

A paradox found in the link between heart failure and obesity is being explored by a researcher from the University of Alberta in a study that hopes to shed light on the phenomenon.

Antigone Oreopoulos, a professor from the U of A’s School of Public health studied 140 different patients who suffered heart failure. Her research is finding that while people who have higher body fat are at higher risk of heart attack, people who have had heart failure and have larger body masses have a greater chance of survival.

Evan Chan is one of the participants of the study and has an enlarged heart. He underwent a new type of scan to participate in the research to help understand the obesity paradox.

“I’m happy to be helping out Antigone with her research,” said Chan. “Hopefully they can learn here and help others.”

While this is just one study, Oreopoulos says that she hopes others will look to her work and be able to learn from it to help those with heart condidions.

“Hopefully others will see the work we do and build on it,” said Oreopoulos.

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