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Local, seasonal and inspired

Murray Street
110 Murray Street
(613) 562-7244

Signature Drink: Canadian wine
Signature Dish: Charcuterie bar
Rating: ****
Dinner & drinks for 2: $90

After taking an initial glance at the Murray Street restaurant menu, you’ll see that you’re in for a culinary adventure featuring local and seasonal cuisine. Trust the chef and be prepared for amazing and bold flavours to please your palate.

To start, I ordered Poutine ($10). This is not traditional heavy fries-and-gravy fare, but lightened with herb spaetzle instead of potatoes and then enhanced with shredded duck confit along with goat cheese curds making them uniquely mouth-watering. My dinner companion ordered duck wings ($12) propped up stylishly like a teepee and drenched in local birch syrup and chili, surprisingly finger-licking good with a sharp blue cheese sour cream sauce.

For the main course, I ordered Cornish game hen ($25) served with chard and spaetzle that made a good first impression but by the end was too rich and buttery. After hearing oohs and ahhs across the table, I dug my fork into the Fish ’n’ Chip ($28) plate and immediately felt dish envy. The Walleye fish was pan-fried and baked, perfectly seasoned and served with a single, baked French fry made with riced Yukon gold potatoes.

Not to be missed was the honey and lavender ice-cream sandwiched between two ginger cookies ($8).

Murray Street restaurant treats its customers to food that is adventurous, but best of all delicious.

Dining out

Farbs Kitchen & Wine bar

18 Beechwood Ave.
(613) 744-6509
An upscale bistro with a casual, friendly atmosphere that uses local and seasonal ingredients. Sunday brunch from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. includes options like truffled poached eggs or traditional steak and eggs among other things.

les grillades
85 Holland Ave.
(613) 792-3224
A small, family-run Lebanese restaurant in West Wellington on the second floor above Allium. Favourites include tabbouleh, moussaka, fresh pita, soujouk, kebab, grilled chicken and freshly-made Turkish delight. Eat in or take out.

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