Donald Trump: concerned about our nation.Getty Images

Everyone's favorite hairpiece on two legs Donald Trump is doing what he does best: handing out unsolicited political advice that will likely have no real impact in Washington D.C.

The real estate mogul and reality TV star saysformer Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney should not seek the White House again in 2016. Romney ran for president twice during the last decade only to be defeated both times, first by John McCain in the 2008 Republican primary, then again by President Barack Obama in the 2012 general election.

Trump told Breitbart News this week, “No. I don’t think he should run. He had his chance and he blew it. He had a great chance of winning. He should have won. That was an election that frankly should have been a much easier election than the probable 2016 candidate Hillary. That was an election that should have been won by the Republicans."

He tweeted similar sentiments on Wednesday, observing "If Mitt Romney were in the private sector & he suffered the horrendous loss of 2012, do you think he’d rehire himself for 2016?—I don’t!"


Romney, for his part, has mostly downplayed the idea of a third run at the presidency, although he was quoted in a New York Times Magazine profile last month as saying "We'll see what happens" in response to a question about a 2016 run.

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