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Lolmythesis makes scholarly work funny (and short)

Lolmythesis.com Doing a thesis on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” sounds pretty good to us.

Long-winded sentences and impossible-to-define words are usually part of the game when it comes to scholarly work, but a new blog lets scholars distill their theses down to one sentence (without any semi-colons). Lolmythesis.comturns years of painstaking (and often obscure) work into simple, hilarious punchlines.

A paper on History and the Study of Women and Gender from Smith College becomes, simply: “Basically, Beyoncé can do anything.”A psychology tome boils down to: “I stared at kids playing video games to prove that kids like playing video games.“And, in case anyone was wondering about the writings of medieval monks, a literature thesis demystifies the work: “When medieval people were writing about birds, what they were actually writing about was sex. Even monks. Especially monks.”Who knew?

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