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Long Island deaths are deja vu for AC

Police are considering the horrifying possibility that the bodies found in Long Island over the weekend may be the work of an interstate serial killer.

Four years ago, in November 2006, police found the bodies of four women ritually laid face-down behind a motel near Atlantic City. Police never found their murderer.

Their bodies were buried among reeds in an isolated, marshy area, similar to Gilgo Beach in Long Island. All four women killed in Atlantic City were prostitutes, and so far, two of the corpses found in Long Island are suspected to have been prostitutes, possibly including Megan Waterman, 22, of Maine, and Shannon Gilbert, 24, of Jersey City, N.J. Both women used Craigslist to solicit sex.

Prosecutors in Atlantic City contacted investigators in Suffolk County to see if the grisly Gilgo Beach murders are in any way connected to the Atlantic City case, said Atlantic County prosecutor Ted Housel.

“The similarities appear to be striking,” said James Leonard, the attorney of Terry Oleson — the only man questioned, though never charged, in investigations for the A.C. killings.

“He has zero connection to the [Long Island] case,” said Leonard. “He had nothing to do with the deaths of the four women.”

Terrified he’ll be accused

South Jersey handyman Terry Oleson was living at the Golden Key motel outside Atlantic City, where in November 2006, the bodies of four prostitutes were discovered. He quickly became a person of interest in the case but was never charged.

“My nerves are shot,” Oleson told Metro. His fiancee “was so sick she was throwing up all night.” Investigators making an arrest “would help, as long as they leave me alone about it.”

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