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Looking for success? These profs have seen it

While vigour is vital to many college professors, a wealth of history and performing an essential role in one’s field are equally critical. To this extent, Ottawa-based Willis College proudly asserts the inclusion of Professor Akbar Manoussi amongst their ranks.

The Chair of Willis’ Clean Energy Education Department, Manoussi is a Business and Management professor with more than 25 years of classroom experience.

Receiving his undergraduate honours degree in Economics and Law from Iran’s Tehran University in 1970, he carries extensive abilities in applied management and business. With credits extending to include presidency of the Green Party of Canada, Ottawa-Vanier and the Canada-Iran Friendship Council, Professor Manoussi’s legacy has been instrumental in ensuring career college patrons are preferred professional candidates.

“Business leaders are not only made in classrooms,” he notes. “By working on the projects throughout the semester, it allows students to immediately put their academic knowledge into practice while concentrating on their learning needs.”

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“Career colleges offer specific learning. The curriculum is relevant to what’s going on in our industry,” beams Cheryl Gushue.

As a world-travelling designer, makeup artist and stylist, she should know. Gushue developed the Makeup Artistry program for Toronto’s Salon + Spa Career College-Champlain Institute, one of many career colleges dedicated to finite learning.

She also designed a line of bathing suits (http://www.gushueswim.com) that earned her placement as a finalist for the Elle Canada New Labels Competition last year, acclaim that when coupled with endless praise from pupils, coveted student team dubbed “Cheryl’s Angels” and fashion judges, exemplifies her passion.

Essentially, Gushue is one of many post-secondary mentors who thrive from their profession, continuing to explore new means of adapting to it via creativity inside and outside of the classroom. Their work finds them not only at the forefront of the medium but utilizing their knowledge to advance scholastics and — most importantly — glean respect and trust thanks to the personal pride found in their profession and pupils.

“I see beauty in every face,” Gushue smiles, hammering the point home. “I love taking a blank canvas and creating my vision to bring out their best features. There’s something so rewarding about giving someone a level of confidence to take on their day.”

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Carving her own caring tutorial niche via humour, Canadian Business College Accounting & Canadian Payroll Instructor Tina Shaba recognizes how bluntness is the essence of commerce. Still, it’s Shaba’s unusual ability to inject levity into the typically unexciting world of accounting that garners weekly letters of praise and fanmail denoting her as “a rare example of teaching at its best” and “a credit to the school.”

Melding real work experience with projects and case studies, Shaba — who relocated to Canada from Iraq in 2001 — believes her uncanny mixture of crunching digits with drollery is crucial in getting messages across. A victim of her own candour, Shaba simply admits she loves, “numbers and people. Being a teacher has really enriched my life.”

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