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Los Angeles-based designer raises money for drinking jacket

Los Angeles-based designer started to raise money for special drinking clothing. It’s a jacket that includes lots of gadget for a perfect day off. So far, Zane Lamprey overraised $145k from $50k goal on Kickstarter. “There are a dozen drink-related innovations incorporated,” 38-years-old told Metro.

How came the idea to make drinking jacket about?
l had a hoodie that I wanted to make a bottle opener zipper for. Then I wondered if I could line a pocket with neoprene, the stuff wetsuits are made out of, and make a koozie that could hold your beer while also keeping it cold. Then I added drinking mitts to keep your hands warm and your drink cold. Then came the hidden flask pocket, sunglass holder, and zipper cover. There are a dozen drink-related innovations incorporated.
How the perfect drinking jacket has to be?
Comfortable enough and stylish to wear every day, but I also wanted a hoodie that was perfect for tailgating, going to games, concerts, beer festivals and other outdoor events.
Will you use it?
I’m wearing mine right now [*laughs*]
So, you drink a lot?
I’m drinking now. Does that count?
What built-in gadgets are your favorite?
Bottle opener zipper, koozie pocket and sunglass holder. I’ve lost so many sunglasses when day drinking turns into night drinking and outside drinking turns into inside drinking. I put my sunglasses on the table and that’s last I see them.
What is the future of your jacket?
As soon as the Kickstarter is complete, I’ll explore all viable options. It’s still has 4 more days to go.

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