Lost purse returned to owner — decades later – Metro US

Lost purse returned to owner — decades later

You wouldn’t imagine school ceilings to be the place where long-lost treasures are found.

But the construction crew renovating Archbishop MacDonald High School got a surprise last year when a purse more than 40 years old was found hidden in the ceiling tiles.

The purse’s contents identified Wanda Szatkowski, now McTavish, a resident of New Westminster, B.C., as the owner.

“The purse is probably the most interesting piece that we have ever found in our schools,” said Lori Nagy, spokesperson for Edmonton Catholic Schools. “The thought that it stayed there for 43 years is amazing.”

McTavish is looking forward to getting her purse back as well. Nagy is sending it to her next week.

“The phone has been ringing like crazy,” said McTavish.

“I can’t hardly wait, I’m sure it will bring back lots of memories.”

Among the items in McTavish’s purse were:

  • A coat-check stub
  • Birth certificate,
  • Photo ID
  • Lipstick
  • Nail polish

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