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Louis C.K. reveals crappy ending to ‘American Hustle’ ice fishing story

Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen “American Hustle” yet, you’re about to find out that a) Louis C.K. is in it and b) there’s a storyline in which his character repeatedly tries to tell a story about ice fishing but is always rudely interrupted before he can finish the tale.

Double spoiler alert: “American Hustle” is awesome. If Spoiler alert #1 applies to you, go see it now.

In the film, C.K. plays Stoddard Thorsen, the put-upon boss of Bradley Cooper’sRichie DiMaso, a bumbling FBI agent determined to make a name for himself. It’s a small role, but an unexpected — and welcome — one. Throughout the movie, Thorsen tries to counsel the headstrong, mostly inept DiMaso, by attempting to tell him an anecdote about his brother once going ice fishing too early in the season. DiMaso thinks he knows the ending (he falls through the ice, right?) but inevitably blows his lid before Thorsen can finish the damn story. And he never does.

Until now. On “The Tonight Show” last night, Louis C.K. finally gets a chance to finish the story, revealing the ending to Jay Leno. It’s not what you think.

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