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Make wood an essential part of your decor

From floors to furniture, to ordinary and exotic, wood adds a warm, natural elegance to a room and an organic pattern that goes with virtually anything.

The more unusual a wood, the grander a statement it makes. Seek out the decadent-sounding cherry, pear, maple or walnut, or the lush rosewood, wenge, ebony or mahogany. No matter your preference, wood should be considered a staple in decor, says Toronto designer Frances Freund, B.I.D.

“Whenever decorating wood should be a part of what you’re doing,” says Freund, of Frances Freund Interior Design. “Wood is a main player. It belongs in every interior … Your interior becomes boring if you do the same materials. You need to have a combination of things for the whole room to have integrity.”

Look for accessories that might not usually be found in wood, like a vase or bowl, to add an unexpected rich tone to the room.

“I think it enhances the room because wood has an integral beauty within itself. It’s not just colour, you want a variety of textures and wood is a play of texture,” says Freund. “Some of the woods are so beautiful, they’re exotic, they have the most wonderful grains in them.”

Freund says a surge in popularity for wood and reclaimed finishings has been fuelled by the green movement. She is seeing wood floors over carpet, dark wood over light, and antique pieces showing an eclectic style — a mix of modern and antique in a pared-down traditional look.

“Wood’s making a big comeback,” she says. “Wood has a lasting quality wood that has been used throughout history.”

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