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Make your houseguests feel welcome

Not all of us have the luxury of a guest bedroom, but regardless, we want our loved ones to feel comfortable when they stay over. A few tips to make them feel like they’re at a cozier Four Seasons.

Don’t wait for them to ask

Set out a towel and some small luxuries — like an eye mask or those little bottles of fancy body wash and lotion you swiped from your last hotel stay — on the foot of their makeshift bed. Also, write down your internet password so they can log on to your computer without feeling like a burden.

Find them a place

Before your out-of-town visitors arrive, designate a space that will be just theirs. Clear the area so that when they get there, they have a place to settle into. This might involve setting up the air mattress in advance, clearing out a drawer for their things, making some room in your own closet or investing in a luggage rack to prop up their suitcase.

Give them a tour

Even if you live in a teeny tiny apartment, show your guests around. Take them to the kitchen and point out the correct cabinets for glasses, etc. and how to use the coffee maker. Then show them the snacks — like their favorite flavor of Haagen Dazs — you’ve stocked up on, and invite them to help themselves.

The all-important nightstand

A few touches can make even sleeping on your couch feel like a retreat. Place a table next to their bed with the following key items: a lamp in case they want to read before bed, some magazines, a book you like and a carafe with water.

Go the extra mile

To really give your guests the royal treatment, make a beautiful bed. Iron their sheets for that crisp, fresh feel and include both a lighter cover and heavier blanket to give them options. Put out fresh cut flowers (the ones from the bodega work just fine) and finish things off with a chocolate on their pillow.

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