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Making moonshinein Virginia

Making moonshinein Virginia

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The Bondurant Brothers’ granddad and uncles were infamous bootleggers in the south-central Virginia hills during Prohibition. The 2012 movie “Lawless” is loosely based on the family story.

“Making moonshine was a way of surviving in the Great Depression,” said brother Robert Bondurant.

Noting the popularity of craft distilleries, the brothers decided to retrieve the family recipe. They’re making ’shine the traditional way: “No high tech. We’re doing it like they did 100 years ago.”

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The distillery is in a restored grain mill in Chase City, Virginia. Their first product, due out in late spring, will be a classic clear moonshine. They plan to also sell apple and peach brandy, as well as an aged corn whiskey later in the year.

Look for the first sell date at www.bondurantbrothersdistillery.com.

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