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Making repairs or renos? Think about safety first

Hire a professional electrician to make any improvements or additions to the electrical system. Even tasks that appear simple, such as the installation of a baseboard heater or additional electrical outlets, can be more difficult than they appear. If your are constantly blowing fuses or popping circuit breakers, it is time for you to contact your electrician. These are signs of electrical problems that could cause a fire. Do not take risks. During your renovations, remember that you can avoid risks by scrupulously respecting the following tips:

>> Do you need to hammer nails or cut an opening in a wall? Shut down the electric circuits that serve the room where you are working.

>> Before repairing an electric device, disconnect it The circuits of your power distribution panel should be clearly marked to show the rooms and items serviced by each circuit.

>> Do you need to work in rooms containing water — like the kitchen or bathroom? Because water is an excellent conductor of electricity, you should take the required precautions: ensure that all surfaces are clean and dry, ensure that your feet are dry, connect your electric tool to an outlet equipped with a differential circuit breaker, and ensure that electric cords and extension cords do not make contact with any pool of water.

>> Do you need to replace a fuse?

Before replacing a blown fuse, be sure that you have a replacement fuse of the same rating, place the master switch in the OFF position, and, before restoring current, reduce the load by disconnecting a few electrical devices. If a circuit breaker pops, this same technique must be used, and the short circuit must be found.

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