Man uses a spoon to hold up a Charlestown Dunkin' Donuts - Metro US

Man uses a spoon to hold up a Charlestown Dunkin’ Donuts

A Transit Police officer’s coffee craving led to the arrest of a spoon-wielding would-be robber in Charlestown Saturday evening.

Transit Patrol Officer Matthew Donovan, 29, was patrolling Sullivan Square yesterday when he decided he could use a hot cup of coffee from the Dunkin’ Donuts on Cambridge Street.

“I walked in and noticed a commotion going on at the register,” said Donovan. “Someone said to me, ‘Thank God you’re here. He’s over there.'”

Frightened customers were referring to Michael Wallace, 35, of Boston, who allegedly told a female cashier that he had a knife, and that he wanted money from the register.

Wallace allegedly pointed a long object at the cashier, causing her to shut the register and step back. That’s when, according to Donovan, Wallace tried to pry open the cash machine himself.

“He was screaming about the amount of change he deserved back… The cashiers appeared to be frightened. I knew it was more than a disorderly person bothering them. I realized what was going on, and my training kicked in,” Donovan said.

When Donovan asked for the knife, Wallace said he didn’t have one – and he was right.

“He had a silver spoon… Your average dinner spoon,” he said.

He was arrested on the spot, and is facing charges of attempted armed robbery and assault by means of a dangerous weapon, and is due in court Monday.

Things were quiet today at the Cambridge Street Dunkin’ Donuts, but a regular customer who identified himself as “Pat” said he was at the coffee shop during the spoon spectacle.

“You could tell he was up to something. He had sunglasses on, but it was dark outside. It was great that they got him,” he said, adding on his way out, “The whole world is going bananas.”

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