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Manhattan psychotherapist says Gigi Jordan valued ‘status and standing’ over parenting

Gigi Jordan
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As socialite Gigi Jordan was convicted the manslaughter of her 8-year-old son on Wednesday, many New Yorkers were forced to wonder what sort of individual could be driven to effectively murder their own autistic child by feeding them a cocktail of prescription pills.

While Jordan’s defense remained that she killed her late son out of fear that he’d eventually be left in the custody of his abusive biological father once her ex-husband murdered her, Manhattan psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert believes the incident may have been motivated by a lack of empathy on Jordan’s part.

Alpert told Metro that for some people wrapped up in New York’s social scene, “the emphasis is on status and standing in society more so than on nurturing a healthy, loving relationship with their children.”

“I’ve seen quite the range of parenting skills with socialites,” added Alpert. “I’ve seen those who smother their children and pamper them and others who neglect them and are not involved enough.” The latter may have reflected Jordan’s parenting style, as she has gone on the record to say she felt “incapable of protecting” her son, leading her to take then 8-year-old Jude Mira’s life.

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