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Man’s DNA results in rape charges

Using DNA collected from a pair of 7-year-old rape cases, authorities were able to indict a Dorchester man who was held on $1 million cash bail during his arraignment yesterday.

A grand jury indicted Anwar Thomas, 28, for alleged rape and kidnapping in September 2004.

Thomas and another man were allegedly standing by a car when they grabbed a 23-year-old woman walking by Washington Street near Arboretum Road. They pushed her in the car, beat her and later raped her, authorities said. Police were able to obtain biological evidence and uploaded the DNA sample into a database.

The second rape happened nine days later when the men pushed a 19-year-old woman walking on Parker Street into a car, authorities said. One of the men used a condom, which the woman wrapped in her bra to save for police.

Thomas’ unrelated 2009 felony conviction helped police match his DNA with the samples from the rapes.

Authorities are investigating the ID of the second man.

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