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Mantracker on the hunt for North Shore duo

Bushwhacking through the Quesnel wilderness with a hunter on horseback in hot pursuit is 10 times harder than it looks on TV, says a North Shore man who was the latest prey on the?TV?show Mantracker.

Max Clough and his 57-year-old mom teamed up in an attempt to elude Terry Grant — a trained tracker — on a two-day, 36-kilometre race through the bush.

“I’m trying to be fearless,” Clough said of the experience.

“(But) it was scary. You don’t realize it until he’s barrelling down on you … and it’s like instinct that kicks in.”

Clough said he was training for six hours a day to get fit enough for the ordeal, but he was still exhausted.

“The endurance was the hardest part of it. You can’t prepare for that. You’re exhausted and a big part of it is the mental exhaustion at night.”

As for whether Clough and his mom managed to outsmart Mantracker, Clough said readers will have to watch the show to see how it ends.

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