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Marc Malusis: Knicks DO NOT need to add a falling star like Derrick Rose

Marc Malusis: Knicks DO NOT need to add a falling star like Derrick Rose
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So the report came out on Friday that the Knicks were interested in trading for Bulls guard Derrick Rose. Great! I say that with a tad bitof sarcasm because Rose is yet another example of a player that you are going to bring to New York whose best days as a player are behind him.

Keep in mind that in the last four years, he has played in just 50-percent of the Bulls games because of injuries, which included two knee surgeries. Yes, at one point in time, Rose was an MVP in this league. He was a dynamic lead guard that would attack the rim with reckless abandon. In fact, he was the youngest MVP in the history of the NBA when he won the award in 2011 at just 22 years-old. In that year, he averaged 25 points per game and shot nearly 45 percent from the floor. This past season, under an offensive minded head coach, he averaged 16 points per game and shot 43 percent from the floor. He shot just 29 percent from the 3-point line. His game has regressed and declines with each and every injury. Is this the type of player that you really want to gamble on?

I will put it to you this way, if his game was back and there were no concerns moving forward, then why would the Bulls potentially be interested in moving him?

Hopefully the Knicks do not fall into the trap of bringing in a player whose star is on the decline and not the rise. He is a big name and the Knicks can certainly use help at the guard position, but as you flush out the potential acquisition, it makes less and less sense.

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The other issue the Knicks have is what would the exactly give up in order to acquire Rose. What value are the Bulls placing on Rose? Do they view him as a former MVP who is in the prime of his career or a player whose game now doesn’t resemble the one that won the MVP in 2011. I am not interested in trading any future number 1 picks and Porzingis is a non-starter. That brings us to Carmelo Anthony. If Anthony did not want to go to Chicago, for less money, to play with Rose a few summers ago, than why would he waive his no-trade clause to go there now. The Bulls do not bring him closer to winning an NBA championship. You could make the argument that the Bulls window has no doubt closed and might actually be a worse situation than the Knicks moving forward.

So, with all the being said, it does not seem all the feasible for the Knicks to trade for Derrick Rose and even if it was, I do not think they should. He is a star, by name only. At one point, you thought he was the future of this league until injuries ravaged his game. You would be trading for the player that he is and not what he was. The Bulls know that and the Knicks should too. You can have the internal discussions all you want, I just hope these talks did not last all that long.

Don’t fall for the trap that another man’s trash is your treasure. The Knicks in the past would fall for that trap, hopefully Phil Jackson is as smart as he tells us he is.