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Marc Malusis: NFL free agency interest shows just how invincible the league is

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People can’t get enough of the NFL.That was cemented home this week with the beginning of NFL free agency and all of thosetrades.

Evenafter a brutal 2014, the NFL locomotive continues on.Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Deflate-gate and Noise-gate does not change that fact. People want more.Even with Roger Goodell,his comical handling of crisis situations and the calls for his firing and resignation. People want more.

The Washington Redskins and the debate surroundingtheir nickname. People want more. The concern over concussions and the long term health of NFL players after their career comes to an end.Heck with that, where areRevis and Suh going?

What we learned as a sports society last week is, it just does not matter. The NFL reigns supreme,it has for a while and that trend will continue. During the 2014 season therewere domestic violence cases and a child abuse case andthere were threats from fans that they have had enough.Nonsense. Who are you kidding? You want more.

More signings, more trades and more pro days. How will my team be affected? What was his signing bonus? What is Chip Kelly doing in Philadelphia and how good will the AFC East be in 2015? Those are the conversations that took place at home or work after free agency got underway at 4 p.m.last Tuesday. There was no talk about the future of Goodell or when the Deflate-gate investigation will be over.

We can’t wait to see if Jameis Winston sizzles on his pro day at Florida State on March 31. No longer are there character concerns about the Heisman Trophy winner.NFL teams are tantalized by his football acumen and anticipation throws, and the fact that he is a plug and play quarterback that screams “winner” on the field. Character concerns? He is an alpha male that oozes confidence. Bucs head coachLovie Smith said, “With the information we have right now, we have not taken him off of our list.” Winston is the odds-on favorite to be the 1stoverall selection come April. (I understand that Winston was cleared of sexual assault, but in the endhe put himself in a situation in which a sexual assault investigation took place.)

One of the knocks on Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota is that he is too nice. What? Atthe end of the day, it does not matter. Talent is talent and we love the NFL. That was abundantly clear this past week when it dominated the headlines and the countdown began to the NFL Draft. Schedules will be released next month. Get your pens and pencils out and get ready to mark it up with wins and losses.

Then we have mini-camps and then training camps will be here before you know it. The NFL season will begin on Thursday, Sept., 10, 2015. So even after a tumultuous 2014, the NFL fan has made it clear to Goodell and his owners:it does not matter what you or some of your players do. Give us more.

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