March Madness: No matter the team, fan favorite is green – Metro US

March Madness: No matter the team, fan favorite is green

Eating lunch with co-workers in a booth at Clerys Bar & Restaurant on Dartmouth Street Thursday, Tony Pepdjonovic kept peeking at the TV showing the NCAA tournament.

“If I took the day off, I’d probably be in here in different clothes with a lot of Guinness in front of me,” the 24-year-old Quincy resident said.

The Back Bay didn’t seem too interested in work Thursday as the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities collided with March Madness’ tip off.

“It seems like the town is full right now and, with the weather, it feels nice,” Pepdjonovic said. “It definitely gives some oomph to the March Madness beginning.”

Jason Allison, 35, also took his lunch break at Clerys to watch West Virginia beat Clemson.

“The West Virginia motto is win or lose, always booze,” Allison said. “So afterward I’ll either be celebrating or wallowing.”

While Clerys catered to working folks, Boylston Street bars were rocking.

“It’s something to do while you’re at the bar,” Alex Keim, 29, said of watching college hoops at McGreevy’s. “So it’s a two-fer. And it’s so nice out, so it’s the perfect day.”

The Detroit native and Boston University grad student is rooting for the University of Michigan.

“BU too,” he said, “but they don’t really have a snowball’s chance in hell.”

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