Market Basket employees to protest against company again today

boston market basket chelsea The produce cases at the Chelsea Market Basket were empty over the weekend as more than a thousand workers protested the ousting of the company’s former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.
Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

Despite the firing of some workers, Market Basket employees planned to protest outside a Tewksbury store on Monday to call for the reinstatement of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

Workers have been protesting for several days and said they will not work again until Demoulas is reinstated, according to an employee action Facebook page. The action by employees has left grocery store shelves bare for days. Demoulas was ousted after reported in-fighting between family members who own the popular chain of local grocery stores.

A protest was planned for Monday morning at 9 a.m. The Facebook page’s event for the protest had thousands of shares and more than 1,000 “likes.”

On Sunday, several stores remained without certain items and produce aisles were almost completely empty.

Also on Sunday, several employees were fired and were notified by a currier, according to the workers. Market Basket issued a statement, according to the Globe, that said the employees were fired because of the harm they were causing the company, which negatively impacted customers.

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