‘Mary Magdalene’ might just be the feminist film we all need, no matter our religion – Metro US

‘Mary Magdalene’ might just be the feminist film we all need, no matter our religion

Rooney Mara as Mary Magdalene

The first trailer for “Mary Magdalene” has been released, and not only does it give us our first look at Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus Christ and Rooney Mara as the titular character, but it also suggests that the film is going to be a timely, proudly feminist piece of cinema, too. You can watch the “Mary Magdalene” trailer below. 

First things first, is it just me or does Joaquin Phoenix’s Jesus look just like his “Inherent Vice” character, the pot-smoking, free-spirited hippie Larry “Doc” Sportello? I’m guessing that’s where the similarities between the characters end, but I am already dreaming of a time-travelling cross-over.

All joking aside, “Mary Magdalene’s” trailer makes it very clear that the film is going to have a strong progressive message at its core. The arc of the clip starts off with Mary being ostracized from her family for having “brought shame” upon them as she apparently has something “unnatural inside her.” So much so she is convinced that she is grappling “with a demon inside.”

But the emergence of Jesus Christ himself suddenly helps Mary to overcome these issues, and by the end of the clip she has not only helped him through his own problems, but, following his crucifixion, she has promised to spread the word of his plight, and has even been baptizing people on his behalf.

Along the way she faces resistance from Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor), who repeatedly dismisses her, and even says at one point, “It is not right that he has raised you up to lead us.” Mary Magdalene defiantly responds to such outcries with, “I will not be silent. I will be heard.”

If that sounds like the entire plot of “Mary Magdalene” that’s because it probably is. Clearly this is one of those trailers that shows way too much in an attempt to prove that the appeal of the film is the moments and the journey rather than being surprised. Considering that most of those intrigued by “Mary Magdalene” will already know the gist of her story that makes sense, too.

Despite the stellar cast, and the fact it is directed by Garth Davis (Lion), it’s hard not to be a little bit cautious about “Mary Magdalene,” as it was originally touted for a November 24 release to coincide with an Oscar push only to be pushed back several months.

We’ll find out if this cause for concern was justified, when “Mary Magdalene” is finally released on March 30, 2018.