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Mashable made the nerdiest (but cutest) marriage proposal ever

Who says nerds can’t be romantic? Math is our new favorite subject since a carefully calculated marriage proposal started making the rounds online today. Drake Martinet is an associate editor for D: AllThingsDigital and teaches journalism at Stanford University. Today, though, he is the most starry-eyed nerd we’ve ever known.

His proposal was posted on Mashable, which is where his new fiance, Stacy Green, works. About his whimsical number crunching, Drake said:

Love makes us do crazy things, and this infographic is an attempt at the impossible — to quantify just how fortunate I am to have Stacy Green in my life.

She calls us “soulmates” — the perfect match. And I didn’t realize how rare that fit actually is — not until I ran the numbers, at least. Some of the infographic math is super-factual, some just good fun, but the truth underneath stands out just fine.

I hope you enjoy it (especially the end).

Take a look. What girl could say no to this?