Mass. governor won’t vote for Trump … or Clinton – Metro US

Mass. governor won’t vote for Trump … or Clinton

Mass. governor won’t vote for Trump … or Clinton

Gov. Charlie Baker said he won’t vote for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton while acknowledging that, “Sure, it’s odd” that he won’t vote for his own party.

Baker, a Republican, made the announcement Wednesday morning after releasing trout into Jamaica Pond, Boston.com reported.He said he couldn’t remember not voting for the Republican presidential nominee, and called the situation “disappointing.”

“I’ve already said before that I’m not going to vote for Mr. Trump and I sincerely doubt I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton,” Baker told reporters.

Trump won in Indiana’s primary on Tuesday night, forcing his main rival Ted Cruz to drop out of the race. On Monday, news broke thatJohn Kasich was suspending his campaign, leaving Trump as the only GOP candidate still in the running.

Baker has previously expressed disapproval of Trump’s stances, and his comments Wednesdaywere no different.

“The things he said about women and Muslims and religious freedom, I just can’t support,” he said. “At the same time, I do believe Secretary Clinton has a huge believability problem.”

He went on to describe the race as one of the most “troubling election cycles across the board I’ve seen in my lifetime,” Baker said.

Trump may not get Baker’s vote in November, but he did get his congratulations: “I give him credit for it. He earned it fair and square, and congratulations to him.”

Additional reporting by State House News Service.