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Masshole drivers not rudest in nation: Survey

Traffic on I-93 in Hooksett. (Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki)  Traffic on I-93 in Hooksett. (Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki)

Don’t fret, Masshole drivers – according to a new survey, you’re not the rudest drivers in the nation.

But you’re up there.

Insure.com surveyed 2,000 drivers nationwide, and ranked Massachusetts as having the fifth-rudest motorists. Idaho, of all places, took first place. Washington, D.C was ranked second, followed by New York and Wyoming.

According to the survey, Idaho motorists move “so slowly that they’re judged to be rude.”

A Michigan woman said of her experience as a Massachusetts passenger that the driver “never stopped shaking her fist at other drivers, spewing insults and profanities, tailgating and rushing lights. It was as if she owned the road, and other drivers were trespassing and in her way.”

She also observes that “in Massachusetts, drivers go out of their way to block any opportunity for you to merge.

“They honk if you’re not fast enough making a turn. They tailgate, even in very heavy traffic, as if they can make you go faster in bumper-to-bumper traffic.”
Heather Tobin says she’s embarrassed to admit being a Massachusetts native.

“Dangerously close tailgating is the first thing I notice, along with being dangerously cut off and having cars turn sharply, last minute, with no signaling.”
In Boston, motorcyclist Brad Hines says the driving habits make him sick. “In one ride, I saw about eight on their cellphones, two people eating, a lady checking makeup and a dude on an iPad smoking a cigar, all oblivious to me.”

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