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Mathletic domination

Three Calgary students are off to Germany to flex their mathematical muscles for Canada.

Canada is sending them and three other students to Bremen to compete in the 50th International Mathematical Olympiad.

“We worked pretty hard, starting from when we were very small, since Grade 6, Grade 7, so we’re really excited to be going,” said Danny Shi, a student at Sir Winston Churchill High School.

The mathletes are taking this competition very seriously as they know this is their chance to represent their country.

“It means a lot to us to represent Canada. It is an honour to be on the team,” said Hunter Spink, who attends Calgary’s Western Canada High School.

These all-stars of algebra are also excited for the chance to go to Germany to compete in the mathlympics.

“There are over a hundred other countries at the mathematical Olympiad so we get a chance to interact with a lot of other students and see Germany,” said Jarno Sun, who also goes to high school at Western Canada.

Even though all six mathletes are representing Canada, the students from Calgary represent half of the team.

“It’s Calgary domination and it feels pretty good,” said Shi.

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