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Mayor wants voters to challenge candidates in upcoming race

Is it achievable? Is it believable?

Those are the questions outgoing Mayor Dave Bronconnier wants Calgarians to ask when choosing the next city leader in October, he said while speaking at the Hyatt Regency Hotel during the annual report on Calgary’s Economic Development yesterday.

“Over the next six months, (candidates) will be taking part in the most difficult job interview they’ve ever had,” Bronconnier said.

“As voters, I’m encouraging Calgarians to make that job interview very difficult. Ask tough questions, and demand clear answers.”

Bronconnier insisted he wasn’t singling anyone out, instead challenging all of the future and potential candidates to focus on three key points; permanent provincial infrastructure funding, five hundred more police officers, and a regional growth plan.

Calgary’s business community gathered at the event and besides the mayor’s address members were given the Calgary Economic Development’s 2010 report to the Community.

Calgary will reflect, adapt and evolve, a theme that reflects Calgary’s resiliency during the economic downturn in 2009, president and CEO Bruce Graham said.

“The theme for the 2010 report … speaks to the journey that we have experienced from the past year,” he said. “Calgary businesses had to reflect on the new economic reality, adapt to the conditions that were brought upon all of us and make the necessary changes in order to evolve.”

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