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MBTA letting Government Center trespasser off the hook

It looks like when it comes to the mystery man who wandered into Government Center station in March and then posted pictures from his escapades online, police are willing to look the other way.

The MBTATransit Police have posted video of the break-in — he pretty much just sauntered right through the automatic sliding doors at 3:30 a.m. — and on Wednesday declared that they wouldn’t be pressing charges.

This after T spokesman Joe Pesaturo told Boston Magazinein March that police will be “reaching out to this individual to learn more about his/her visit,” and that “there is no reason anyone should be entering the enclosed area which is circled by a security fence, including chained gates.”

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But it appears the site had been accessible because there were several construction workers moving equipment in and out of the building, Pesaturo told Metro on Wednesday, adding that he would not describe the incident as a lapse in security.

Officials did not say whether they were able to get in touch with the anonymous photographer.

Metro reached out to the Reddit user who posted the photos in March, but have not heard back from him.

In an interview, Transit Police Superintendent Richard Sullivan said authorities have determined the breach was a harmless, isolated incident.

“He didn’t have any malicious intent, I believe, and I don’t believe at any point anyone was in danger,” Sullivan said.

He also said he didn’t believe anyone else managed to sneak inside the station while work was underway. It opened to the public March 21, and entrances are locked at night when trains are out of service.

What would Sullivan’s message be for anyone else who might want to get a sneak peek at a T stop before it opens?

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“We advise against it,” Sullivan said.

Here’s the full update from TPD about the late night escapade:

In the early morning hours of March 9, 2016 a construction crew was inside the MBTA’s Government Center station working towards the completion of the station’s renovations.

As the video depicts the interior of the station was lighted, at approximately 3:30AM a male, not affiliated with the construction crew, walked into the station and began to take pictures.

An investigation suggests the male did not stay for an extended period of time, did not pose a threat to the construction crew within and was more of a curiosity seeker. Based on the totality of the circumstances no criminal charges will be sought.

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