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MBTA looking to eliminate some Green Line T stops

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In an effort to lower commute times, the MBTA has plans to potentially consolidate four Green Line stops to allow trolleys to move faster on the B branch.

A new report authored by Jeffrey D. Gonneville, the chief operating officer of the MBTA, outlined some of the problems on the Green Line and offered some possible solutions including the use of GPS tracking devices to improve trolley movement, the Boston Globe reported.

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The elimination of some Green Lines stops, though, has also been put forward by the MBTA as a way to improve commute times, WHDH reported.

Transit agency officials want to combine the BU West and Saint Paul Street stops into one stop and also to make the Babcock Street and Pleasant Street stops into a single stop, WHDH added.

The latest MBTA Green Line report found that fewer than 70 percent of trains arrived on time and partially blamed the unreliable service on aging equipment, according to the Globe. Ninety of that line’s 204 trains were built in 1986, and some system hardware dates to the early part of the 20thcentury.

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“Ultimately, there isn’t going to be a solution to all the problems until we have sufficient revenue” Rafael Mares, a lawyer at the Conservation Law Foundation, was quoted by the Globe, adding that the MBTA capital plan offered no money to replace the old Green Line trolleys.

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