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MBTA: Red Line weekend service will return on time and on budget

Riders that rely on the Red Line North of Boston to get around on the weekends can breathe a sigh of relief, because starting March 10, full weekend service will be restored.

Since Nov. 5, trains between Alewife and Harvard Stations were shut down on Saturday and Sundays, replaced with bus services, while T workers conducted critical track repairs and upgrades.

Yesterday, T officials said the months-long $39 million project would finish on time and on budget.

“Its been going better than we had expected,” said Michael Turcotte, assistant general manager of engineering and maintenance.

Upgrades to the underground passageways include sealed cracks and plugged water leaks as well as new power lines, railway slabs and cables.

The unusually warm winter weather furthered the T’s on-time completion, according to Turcotte.

“Our crews were magnificent. It started out a little rough, but once things started to get done, they really performed very well,” he said.

MBTA Acting General Manager Jon Davis thanked riders yesterday for bearing with the transit agency as the repairs were made.

“We have a great group of people working on this project and I owe it to them for their dedication and hard work,” he said.