Medic set to ship out – Metro US

Medic set to ship out

Alasdair Robertson-More knows where he’s going.

It’s what he’ll do when he gets there that’s still a little murky.

“My specific role, I don’t know,” said Robertson-More, a three-year veteran of Calgary EMS who will board a San Diego-based U.S. Navy ship next Monday en route to humanitarian aid missions in Guam, the Philippines and Vietnam. “I’ll be working as a medic somewhere, but there’s shore teams that will do some more public health, community infrastructure, disease prevention kind-of operations and then there’s going to be ship-board operations, surgeries, acute care kind of things.”

With previous stints in Bosnia and Jamaica, the 27-year-old Canadian army reservist said his trips abroad have made him a better paramedic, a better person, and more able to now deal with the mission at hand.

“It has built a lot of confidence in me and opened my eyes to the way the world works,” he said.
And it also serves to show a better side of army operations.

“I’ve always loved helping people, that’s why I’m in EMS, that’s why I’m a medic in the army,” he said.
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