Mediocre pasta fare - Metro US

Mediocre pasta fare

That’s Italian Too
6626 Fourth St. N.E.
Calgary, (403) 274-9552

Rating: **
Dinner for two with drinks: $42
Signature Dish: Seafood platter

That’s Italian Too is a place you really want to love, with its red and white checkered tablecloths, glass bud vases, and Italian flag behind the bar. Despite a manageable menu of staples, the food falls short of appearances.

Misto special ($17), the appetizer sampler, featured solid portions but the garlic prawns and bruschetta were lukewarm at best and the lemon-pepper calamari oversalted. A store-bought tomato dipping sauce came on the side.

We chose basic entrees which any Italian kitchen should have as a foundation. For some reason, cheese was AWOL from the lasagna ($13). Meat sauce and noodles reported to duty but fell middle of the pack.

Fettucine alfredo ($11) with chicken (add $2.50) was a fair size, but it was swimming in so much sauce, one would be forgiven for mistaking it for a soup. I liked the hint of coconut in the alfredo but others might not.

That’s Italian Too does have a few things going for it. Reasonable prices are a boon to anyone on a budget or any large group. Service is extremely eager to please.

This Hunterhorn Plaza locale may serve as a neighbourhood standby, but it’s not a destination eatery.

In brief

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