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Members outraged after Pantsuit Nation founder lands book deal

Pantsuit Nation/Facebook

Libby Chamberlain is putting her pantsuit to press.

The founder of Pantsuit Nation, a private Facebook page for Hillary Clinton supporters, has signed a book deal with Flatiron Books.

The book will feature comments made on the page, which has grown to almost 4 million members since Chamberlain created it in late October.

“A book of YOU. A book BY YOU. A permanent, beautiful, holdable, snuggle-in-bed-able, dogear-able, shareable, tearstainable book. Your voices. Your stories. Our community. Our project. Our message of hope and change,” Chamberlain wrote in an announcement to members.

But many members were not pleased with the thought of the book Chamberlain said could be “on nightstands and coffee tables all around the world.”

“Ho-hum. A pretty little coffeetable book that will sit & be flipped thru on occasion, while all around, women, LGBTQ people, ethnic & religious minorities, & anyone not considered a ‘real American’ by the Trump regime loses our civil rights,” wrote member Trystan L. Bass.

“Oh look. Another white woman making money at the expense of people of color and other marginalized groups,” Anna Maria posted. “This is really disappointing and literally the opposite of the intent of this space. I came here for solidarity not to be a part of a marketing test audience.”

Tallulah Smith felt a Pantsuit Nation’s book would “destroy the magic of this safe space.” “I don’t think you realize the power you wielded,” she added. “Your decision to produce a book will be seen by many as you selling out at our expense. People will become disillusioned. They will leave. The magic will die.”

Chamberlain gave an email address for anyone interested in having their story featured to get more details, saying that “stories and images will only be shared with explicit permission from the author.”

She also said that Pantsuit Nation has applied for nonprofit status this week.

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