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METRO EXCLUSIVE: Toxic Shock! What drugs deliver besides a high

FDNY Deputy Chief Michael Fahy was killed during a call to a house in the Bronx on Tuesday morning – an indirect casualty of the drug epidemic. The house was a marijuana grow house with gas lines that had been tampered with, according to authorities.

When someone chooses to put an illegal drug in their system, they aren’t thinking about peripheral damage – the danger to other people and the planet – involved. They also aren’t thinking about other toxic chemicals that are entering their body with the high. DrugAbuse.com shared areportexclusively with Metroshowing the other toxins to which drug users – 44 million Americans older than 12 in 2014 – are exposing themselves.

According to DrugAbuse.com and other sources, illegal drug use is on the rise. Heroin, prescription drugs and synthetic “designer” drugs, like Flakka or Spice, have taken centerstage.

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Krokodil, “the world’s deadliest drug,” is made from ingredients like iodine, lighter fluid and cleaning products which cause gangrene and rotting flesh, according to DrugAbuse.com.

<p>What else is in your drugs?</p>
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<p>What else is in your drugs?</p>
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<p>Phenyl-2-propanone (P2P), used to clean swimming pools, is a common ingredient in amphetamines.</p>
<p>Cocaine contains an explosive, potassium permanganate, which is also used as a disinfectant, the study found. Toluene is an ingredient common in cocaine, paint thinner and airplane fuel. Acetone, the liquid that melts artificial nails and removes nail polish, is used in both cocaine and heroin production.</p>
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PCP production requires piperidine, a solvent and ingredient in rubber.

DrugAbuse.com used information from SAMHSA, the International Narcotics Control Board, the Toxicology Data Network and the CDC when compiling data for this report.

For more on deadly drugs and their effects on people and the planet, visit DrugAbuse.com’s webpage Mistakes in Drug Synthesis.

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