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Metro Green: Eco-conscious kids’ clothing

The thought of their children wearing clothing laced with hidden toxic chemicals genuinely concerns many parents. Some city stores are now catering to parents who want to avoid chemicals like formaldehyde, which is often used when packaging clothing.

Susan Lane at Tribeca’s Bu & The Duck recently began getting some of her store fabrics from Ica, Peru. The word “organic” can be hard to define, she said, but for her it means using materials she knows are made without dangerous chemicals or dyes, from people she trusts.

“It’s nontoxic to us and nontoxic to the earth,” she told Metro of Bu & The Duck’s pima cotton, which she has shipped from a friend’s farm.

Other store owners are also finding that parents want to know the origins of knits they’re placing on their children.

At Sproutz Kids, Park Slope parents have the chance to buy organic clothing for their infants — even rompers for babies made from bamboo.

The clothing isn’t treated with any chemicals, said store owner Gregory Sofio. “It really feels a lot better than the stuff you get at Target,” he said.

They also offer organic toys, as well as pants and dresses made of soy.

“For some reason, some kids are really sensitive to the clothing,” he said.

Green tips

Care for your baby the
eco-friendly way:

» Protect nature by selecting wooden furniture
made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods.
» Opt for baby
bath and body products made from organic and natural ingredients free of
added fragrances, sulfates and chemical preservatives.
» 50 million
disposable diapers enter landfills each day, where they sit for 500
years. Instead, use reusable cloth diapers or plastic-free biodegradable

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