Metro Snapshot: May 20, 2008 – Metro US

Metro Snapshot: May 20, 2008

Charges have been laid in the murder of a cabinet minister’s political
aide, a crime which has left residents of a small Quebec town stunned. The holiday weekend was also marred by tragedy as numerous people died as the result of dangerous driving, stabbings, and a capsized canoe. In Winnipeg, car thieves have started intentionally crashing into police cars, and in B.C. concerns are being raised over headphone safety after a helicopter crash-landed on a man allegedly listening to music during his walk.

Canadian soldiers are calling Taliban actions “cowardice” after a young Afghan boy was used as a suicide bomber in an attack that wounded two Canadians and killed an Afghan soldier. Two NATO soldiers were also killed in separate incidents in southern Afghanistan yesterday. A Canadian military plane carrying 40 tonnes worth of relief supplies for Myanmar cyclone victims arrived in Bangkok this weekend, while Myanmar’s junta has said it will allow surrounding Asian countries to oversee the distribution of foreign relief to cyclone survivors. This follows worldwide critiscism of the junta’s refusal of international assistance.

China’s government says companies suffered US$9.5 billion in damage in the recent earthquake, with 1,387 employees killed. Meanwhile, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan is endorsing Barack Obama, while democrats are hoping for an Obama-Clinton “dream team.”

Ashlee Simpson takes the plunge, Kate Bosworth’s breakup leaves her down, Colin Farrell’s weight plummets, and Rick McGinnis gives the lowdown on the latest DVDs.

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