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Metro’s live Super Bowl updates

We’ve got a game, people!

The beer is flowing, the wings are spicy and the points are climbing.

The Patriots have a one score (with a two point conversion) lead just after halftime and after the way this Super Bowl has started for Tom Brady and co., we’ll take it.

While fans are now rejoicing with their arms in the air and high-fives all around, it wasn’t always that way tonight.

The first half of the game, minus the final minute, was depressing.

Spirits were as flat as the Pats offense and the faces inside the Galway House in Jamaica Plain reflected that. Lots of frowns and expressions of concern.

While fans showed up covered in Patriots gear, early scores and big plays by the Giants have created a cause for concern in Pats nation.

The lack of offense is not only disappointing, it’s angering.

“What the f— Brady,” was shouted multiple times.

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