Miami Mike, owner of Miami Mike's Sports Zone in Jersey, ready for Jets - Dolphins showdown - Metro US

Miami Mike, owner of Miami Mike’s Sports Zone in Jersey, ready for Jets – Dolphins showdown

Miami Mike stomps on the Jets logo ahead of this week's Dolphins - Jets game.

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — His name is Miami Mike and he really doesn’t like the New York Jets.

Meet Mike Minervini, the owner of Miami Mike’s Sports Zone, a sports bar located in Hanover, New Jersey -and as the name would suggest,a watering hole for displaced Miami Dolphins fans. Well on Tuesday, Minervini was at MetLife Stadium for a culinary event and he got onto the Jets home field which was still painted from Sunday’s Week 3 loss.

Minervini, whose family-friendly sports bar is also a prime meeting spot for New York Rangers fans, went straight to the end zone where the Jets letters were still laid out. Apparently, the man known as Miami Mike is like a pack of sugar – when opened up there is no way it goes back inside.

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So on the field of his team’s biggest rival, Minervini with his best Ndamukong Suh impressionlet his feelings be known (that’s a stomp joke by the way).

According to the video, Miami Mike’s will be open this Sunday for the Jets v. Dolphins game at Wembley Stadium at 9:30 A.M. Something about steak and eggs.

Fans might recognize Minervini as a pundit on SNY’s ‘Oh Yeah’ television show where he frequently chimes in on topics.

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