Michael Jordan tried to take ex-MTV VJ Kennedy's virginity? Or something. - Metro US

Michael Jordan tried to take ex-MTV VJ Kennedy’s virginity? Or something.


Remember Kennedy from MTV? “Of course!,” said nobody, anywhere.

Well, once, a very long time ago (the 90s) when MTV still played music (it’s like TV for your ears) Kennedy was famous for being a VJ. (Some of you kids might not know what I’m talking about because, to you, MTV is a channel that specializes in the exploits of moderately illiterate and/or more than moderately pregnant teenagers. That “M” used to stand for something, damn it!)

Now, however, Kennedy is not famous for anything. But not for lack of trying. Kennedy, it seems, has written a tell-all (I’m no book expert, but I’m pretty sure the key to writing a successful tell-all is having anyone at all GAF about what you’re trying to tell them) and it. is. scandalous. Or so she hopes.

One juicy bit? Apparently, Michael Jordan (he used to play basketball) tried to taker her V-card this one time. But Kennedy was all, like, “oh no, your giant you-know-what will tear my precious flower apart!” (#that’s racist) and so she respectfully declined. At least that’s what the book says.

You can read the whole thing for yourself if you bought her book! But you won’t, will you?

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