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Miguel and Mariah Carey release a #Beautiful duet

“#Beautiful” is a cinematic song, we suppose, kinda like a romantic comedy that isn’t that funny, but is fun to take in, so it makes sense that they say that it is a song “starring” Mariah and Miguel.

Remember during the Grammys when Kelly Clarkson was absolutely blown away by Miguel’s performance and she voiced from the podium her eagerness to work with him? Well, it looks like Mariah Carey beat her to the punch.

Do you also remember how at the Grammys, LL Cool J would not shut up about hashtags on Twitter? Yeah, well, it looks like Mariah Carey may have been thinking about that too when she began her Miguel collaboration.

The pair have teamed up for a song called “#Beautiful,” and it is a song that is quite worth tweeting about. Listen below. With a slinky retro guitar and a big fuzzy beat, it sounds like nothing Mimi has been able to pull off for the past 10 years. She makes the smart management decision and lets Miguel do most of the work. But that’s the thing. The song doesn’t sound at all like work. It’s a breezy summer sing-along that you could almost picture Rebecca Black singing with her friends on a Friday while kickin’ in the back seat. #outdatedreference? Yeah, probably. But click below and enjoy a “#Beautiful” song.

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