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Mike Golic’s diabetes game plan

The routine

4:15 a.m.: Wake up and check my blood sugar. Usually it’s a little low in the morning. I do this so I can plan ahead to help keep my blood sugar regulated, so that I feel good and have energy throughout the day. Through my partnership with Merck and the American College of Endocrinology on a program called The Game Plan I have learned tips for helping manage my diabetes through the program’s four “goals,” such as setting goals with my doctor, planning meals ahead of time and integrating exercise into my day.

4:40 a.m.: I head to ESPN studios to host my morning radio show. It’s a short ride so I listen to the radio on the way in and arrive at 5 a.m.

5 a.m.: I normally have fruit and oatmeal as I catch up on the sports news and scores from the previous night. It’s important that I eat right in the morning because it sets the tone for my whole day and helps me manage my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.

10 a.m.: Wrap up the show and have a mid-morning snack, like a low-fat muffin or yogurt to keep my blood sugar in check.

Noon: Head home and prepare lunch. I eat things like celery and carrots and we eat a lot of chicken in my house because the protein helps slow my body’s absorption of carbohydrates and prevents spikes in my blood sugar. Then, I take the dogs for a walk to get in some easy exercise. After experiencing an episode of low blood sugar during a workout, my doctor recommended I exercise after eating to avoid future low blood sugar episodes. He told me the most common causes are skipping meals, excessive exercise and certain diabetes medications.

3 p.m.: I sometimes lie down in the afternoon to rest and either before or after that I have a little snack, which may be more fruit or some carrots, hummus, celery or things of that nature. These foods are low in calories and don’t contain added sugar.

6 p.m.: My wife makes dinner most nights and is great about making sure it’s healthy. She cuts up vegetables like zucchini and tomatoes and makes meals with whole wheat pasta and grilled chicken since it’s a good source of protein and fiber.

8 p.m.: Prep for tomorrow’s show, and account for my progress. I record everything in my Healthy Meals and Snacks Planner from BloodSugarBasics.com that helps me keep track of my food intake and blood sugar levels.

9 p.m.: Lights out – I’m in bed early because I’m up around 4:15 a.m. for the show.

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