Millie Bobby Brown closes Twitter account after becoming obscene, violent meme – Metro US

Millie Bobby Brown closes Twitter account after becoming obscene, violent meme

Millie Bobby Brown

“Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown apparently closed her Twitter account on Wednesday, after becoming the subject of ironic memes portraying the teenager as a violent racist and homophobe.

People have been circulating fake social-media posts and bogus quotes attributed to the 14-year-old actress, portraying her as a violent homophobe. The reason: As New York magazine put it, “because irony.”

Because of her downtrodden, bullied character on the hit Netflix drama, Brown has become a symbol of the underdog, named to “Time” magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the year. She established an anti-bullying Twitter account last summer and has demonstrated support for pro-LGBTQ causes, wearing an ampersand pin to the MTV Movie Awards last year in support of GLAAD.

Someone decided to spoof her activism, and things escalated, to the point that fake Snapchat-style posts were circulating that showed “Brown” voicing her intent to push gay people down stairs, run them over with cars and douse them with hot beverages.


It was apparently inspired by a joke tweet portraying Brown as a racist.

The posts were quickly acknowledged to be satire, but many questioned whether a 14-year-old activist was an appropriate subject, particularly as the joke setups became more and more extreme. “i think y’all aren’t getting the point of the millie bobby brown meme?” wrote Twitter user @lovelessclub. “it was made by the gays as pure satire and mock of people who are actually homophobic.”

CBS News anchor John Dickerson shared the story on Thursday, saying it was further evidence that Twitter had approached total anomie.

Some members of “gay Twitter” said the joke was to be partaken by LGBTQ people only.

Others pointed out that that’s not how things work, and the irony of the irony behind the gag.

Spokespeople for Millie Bobbie Brown haven’t commented.