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Minnesota public radio is streaming nine hours of uninterrupted Prince

Prince performing in Paris in 1990.

Minnesota’s Public Radio studio, The Current, is streaming nine hours of Prince’s greatest (because they’re all great) hits today in honor of his passing.

The 57-year-old rock icon, who died today at his Paisley Park estate, is credited with pioneering what’s known as “the Minneapolis sound,” which combines electro-funk, rock and synthpop that according to Dick Clark did not come out of the Midwest.

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The term was born following, the 19-year-old Minneapolis native’s appearance on the “American Bandstand,” where he performed “I Wanna Be Your Lover” for a stunned Clark in 1980. According to a retelling from PopMatters, this is how it went down:

“How did you learn to do this in Minneapolis?” Prince turns diffident, a 180-degrees from the salacious performer he portrayed five seconds before. Clark continues in a surprised tone, “This is not the kind of music that comes from Minneapolis, Minnesota.” Prince shrugs and with his hand in his hair, he meekly agrees—then he lets slip an impish laugh like he has something up his silky sleeve.

And thus, the Minneapolis sound and its overarching influence on generations of musicians and artists was born.

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RIP Prince. Stream the Current’s nine-hour mix here.

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