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Mitch Trubisky a slightly better Varsity Blues name than Blake Bortles


Just when everyone had their 2017 NFL mock draft game down pat, Adam Schefter has to go and ruin it for everyone. Every mock in America had Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett going No. 1 at the start of this week but Schefter tweeted the following on Tuesday: “Just had an NFL exec tell me, ‘Don’t be surprised if Myles Garrett isn’t the No. 1 pick.’ Exec convinced a QB is in discussion at No. 1.”

That QB in discussion is said to be North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky, who sounds like the pathological liar from your high school who peaked as a person junior year and is now an alcoholic.

In the “most likely a character from Varsity Blues” game, “Mitch Trubisky” narrowly edges out “Blake Bortles” for the top prize. 


Oral fixation

One of those funny name schools that always found its way into your bracket each March was Oral Roberts. The guy who coached the school’s basketball team since 1999 was Scott Sutton, and he was fired this week because his teams were not as good the past two years.

Sutton did not just all of a sudden forget how to coach basketball. Instead, he was forced to adhere to rules implemented by school president and full-time stickler, Billy Wilson.

Wilson demanded that Sutton get back in touch with the school’s evangelical tradition and told him to not recruit players with tattoos. Players would also have to pass a “faith exam” to sign with Oral Roberts.

Remember folks: bureaucrats kill societies. 

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