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MLB trade rumors: Giancarlo Stanton – Yankees possible?

Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton (Photo: Getty Images)

Miami Marlins superstar Giancarlo Stanton is flat-out raking. 

With 23 home runs in his last 35 games, the 27-year-old is having a career season with a league-leading 44 home runs and 94 RBI. Most importantly, he’s stayed healthy as he truly is beginning to earn that massive 13-year, $325 million contract he signed prior to the 2015 season. 

However, the Marlins could be looking to deal Stanton after the slugger was put on and later cleared waivers. That means he is officially available on the trade market. 

While that statement is a surprising one given the type of player Stanton is, there are some cases that would make dealing Stanton not a terrible idea. 

New ownership, which is headed by New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter, is coming in and looking to point the Marlins in a new direction. This is a team that hasn’t made the postseason since they won the World Series in 2003. Actually, their only two postseason appearances ended in championships with the first coming in 1997 when the franchise was just in its fifth season. 

A gargantuan contract like Stanton’s could hinder their vision and prevent the organization from moving forward if there is an opportunity to build more of a contender. 

The problem is, there probably aren’t tons of teams chomping at the bit to take on such a massive deal. 

But that doesn’t mean the Yankees wouldn’t be interested. Actually, they already are. 

Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reported in late July that the Yankees called up the Marlins and inquired about a possible deal involving Stanton. Obviously, nothing was done before the trade deadline. 

If there is a team out there that could swing a deal for him though, it’s the Yankees. 

With a bevy of prospects and young stars, although Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez are probably untouchable, the Marlins could have their pick of developing players needed to lay down a competitive foundation for the future. 

Could you imagine an outfield at Yankee Stadium cornered by Judge and Stanton? The amount of moonshots in that building would be staggering and New York’s lineup would be the most feared in baseball. 

And if there was any team that could swing Stanton’s contract, it would be the Bombers. 

Realistically, a deal probably would not be struck during the last weeks of the 2017 season, but the hot stove for Stanton could become an inferno over the winter. 

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