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MLK would say ‘quit whining’ about racism, radio host tweets in rant

Today in remembrance of the most esteemed, and many would argue the greatest civil rights leader in our nation’s history, former congressman, talk show radio host and white man Joe Walsh went on a Twitter rant about how he thinks MLK would feel about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Walsh began his MLK Day rant with this gem:

“Martin Luther King, Jr would not approve of #BlackLivesMatter. Dr King was about bringing people together. He would say, ‘All lives matter.’”

And then quickly followed up with this nugget of wisdom:

“MLK Jr was all about ‘the content of our character, not the color of our skin.’ #BLM is only about skin color.”

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Obviously these tweets stirred a certain degree of outrage on Twitter, with many calling out the horrible irony of a white man claiming to know what Martin Luther King Jr. would think of today’s most vocal and public civil rights movement: Black Lives Matter.

Did Walsh backpedal on his words? Nope. He went deeper.

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“Never fails: every MLK Day you get some black folk telling white folk they can’t comment on MLK & race cuz they’re ‘white.’ Bull. Grow up,” Walsh wrote. “In fact, if he were alive today, Martin Luther King, Jr would lead an “All Lives Matter” March on Washington, DC. Would be wonderful.”

Walsh then claimed that MLK, who in his mind would be so over Black Lives Matter, would tell the movement to “stop whining.”

“If MLK were w us 2day he’d say: ‘Quit whining. We’ve made amazing racial progress. You’ll never know the racism that I knew. Celebrate that!’”

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As of the writing of this article, Walsh’s last tweet was about MLK “slapping” today’s leaders of the black community:

“If MLK Jr were w us today he’d slap Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & other so called black leaders upside the head for using race to divide us.”

Happy MLK Day, everyone.

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