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Model helps wannabes

Strike a pose. Sashay. To the left; and now to the right. Sounds easy, right? Not really.

The photo shoot or catwalk can be intimidating new ground for an aspiring model. Heck, even experienced ones are likely to benefit from a professional tip or two. However, not every model may want to partake in pricey and time-consuming modelling workshops.

That’s where www.modelcoach.ca comes in. For a mere $42, you could download the Photoshoot Basics video, which enlightens you on what a fashion photographer expects from a model —- things like facial expressions and body positioning. There’s also the new runway video, which teaches you how to strut the catwalk with posture, poses and turns intact.

The brainchild behind ModelCoach is Mangal, a Toronto model of Guyanese decent, whose portfolio stretches from Canada to Paris to Italy with clients like MAC Cosmetics, L’Oreal Paris and Gianfranco Ferré filling its pages.

“I saw a TV segment of a model in a photo shoot and as I watched her I noticed that I was copying the way she was moving in front of the camera, and that’s how (ModelCoach) came about,” says Mangal.

“We wanted to create the closest thing to a real shoot or runway lesson as possible,” she explains. “You watch the model move, pose, express and walk as an expert teaches and demonstrates.”

With pros on board, Mangal assures ModelCoach is not one of those industry scam products you hear about. Sales have already clicked in from the United States and United Kingdom, she adds.

What’s more, you learn by example in the comfort and privacy of your own home — or better yet, take your laptop with you when you hit the road and strike a pose when the mood strikes.

And what does Mangal have to say about America’s and Canada’s Next Top Model or America’s Most Smartest Model?

“I think these shows have good intentions behind them, but they’re definitely (geared) more towards entertainment then on educating the model.”

Mangal will be one of the judges casting models for next month’s Toronto Week of Style. Hmm, ModelCoach might be a timely investment, wouldn’t you say?

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