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Mom bet on radiology, and won

When single-mom Tanya Soroka decided to change careers, she wanted something that was mentally stimulating and challenging while supporting her family.

“I had to support myself and my three teens,” she said. “I didn’t have anyone to rely on.”
Soroka enrolled in the Medical Radiography Technology course at the B.C. Institute of Technology after completing a series of assessment tests that suggested she would be well-suited in the health-care profession.

She has not looked back.

“I’ve had six job offers and I’m not even finished school yet,” she explained of the job outlook.
With a general diploma in radiography, there is the opportunity to work in mammography, MRI, ultrasound, CT, and interventional radiography. Jobs are in demand in most departments within hospitals and in private clinics.

With a passion for the health-care profession and helping people, Soroka knew her niche lay within the program.

“You give your life away during the course but what you gain is a whole new life,” said Soroka.
Professor and head of the program, Mary Filippelli, said the course is a good choice for motivated, emphatic individuals who like to deal with challenging situations.

“We are the front-line caregivers of diagnostics,” she said.

“We deal with a gamut of people. No two patients are alike and you have to be flexible to people who are different ages and speak different languages.”

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