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Monday gossip roundup: Was Michael Jackson in love with Whitney Houston?

Michael Jackson‘s former bodyguard claims the late King of Pop had an affair with Whitney Houston in 1991 — and even wanted to marry the late singer. “Whitney practically moved in to Michael’s ranch and they had a fling like any other young couple,’ Matt Fiddes tells the Sun. “Michael said later he had always hoped the relationship had gone further, and I know he dreamed of marrying her.” Fiddes says the pair had one more run-in at a 2001 tribute concert for Jackson. “They were both a mess, to be honest,” Fiddes says of the reunion. “They shared what would be their final hugs and Michael begged Whitney to get off the drugs that were destroying her life.” For those keeping track at home, Fiddes is the same former bodyguard claiming to be the biological father of Jackson’s youngest child, Blanket, insisting that Jackson used Fiddes’ sperm to conceive the boy.

It’s been more than a week since Jessica Simpson‘s schedule due date, and folks are starting to get concerned. Her father, Joe Simpson took to Twitter to post, “Still counting down the days ’til I am a grandpa again. Keep Jess in your prayers,” while pal Katy Perry remarked, “Has Jessica Simpson had that baby yet? I’m getting anxious.” Chelsea Handler chimed in as well, saying she’s “getting frightened” that Simpson hasn’t delivered yet. The pregnant singer was spotted out over the weekend with fiancé Eric Johnson taking a notably bumpy drive. Trying to help things along, maybe?

To hear Brooklyn Decker tell it, her career as a swimsuit model — gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated multiple times — wasn’t the most natural of choices for her. “The biggest thing is finding that balance between masculine and feminine. Because I’m such a tomboy, I hate showing off my body,” the model-turned-actress tells FabSugar. “[My stylist] is always like ‘you have to show your figure.'”

“The Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson — who recently complained that the U.S. drinking age should be lowered to 18 — looked pretty pleased with himself leaving a supermarket in Los Angeles carting a bottle of scotch, according to TMZ. The 19-year-old actor allegedly used a fake ID to purchase a $170 bottle of Macallan. “The age to go to war is 18, so I think the drinking age should be 18 as well,” Hutcherson previously told reporters for the Web site.

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Patrick Dempsey played a real-life hero when a teenager’s car flipped over onto the yard of his Malibu home, according to People magazine. Dempsey employed a crowbar and fire extinguisher to pull the 17-year-old driver, Weston Masset, to safety. “I was scared for my life. I was upside down,” Masset says. “He was there for me. It would have been a lot worse without him.” The teen admits he was a bit caught off-guard when he was pulled from the car and saw Dempsey standing over him. Masset remembers asking, “Are you famous?” to which Dempsey reportedly replied, “Yeah, I’m a doctor.”

With two young sons at home, Amy Poehler is enjoying motherhood, but she admits her older boy, 3-year-old Archie, is “turning into a possessive husband” as he grows up. “He knows when I’m going out if I’m dressed up or if I have shoes on. Like today, when I was dressed up to come here, he said, ‘Where ya going?’ I said, ‘I’m going out,’ and he said, ‘With who?'” she tells David Letterman during an interview. “I said, ‘I’m going to see some friends.’ I didn’t want to tell him about you. I didn’t want to confuse him.”

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