Monday Line Exam - Metro US

Monday Line Exam

A great exercise for bettors is to guess a line before it comes out. So if you saw Vikings at Packers on Monday Night Football, what would you guess? 15? 16? More?

The line opened at 13.5 in most spots and surprisingly has not gone up. As of 5:15pm ET on Monday, just 61 percent of bettors were on the Packers on Covers.com. And the biggest surprise is that line has now gone to 13. Hmmmm.

Whenever the underdog gets play on a big night game like this is should raise eyebrows. Especially when the favorite is a “public” team like the Packers that has been absolutely rolling over people this year.

Bottom line? There is some sharp money out there that doesn’t see the Packers as a strong play tonight. It’s enough for me to stay away from the game.

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